The MTK, or Mountain Kart stairclimber, is equally at home indoors or out. With heavy duty pneumatic wheels, unique three-way braking and multi position handles, lifting up to 310 kg up and down stairs is a breeze.

Strong tubular steel construction makes the MTK stair walker the Go-To for industrial stair climbing. Climbing 10 steps per minute for 120 steps on a single charge, but with a quick change / fast charging battery, the MTK will work hard all day.

Our MTK stairwalker will climb steps inside and out, straight or spiral, with ease. You will quickly become familiar with the intuitive controls and get the feel for balance while operating the machine. The MTK stairclimbers have a unique braking system allowing more control when taking heavy loads up or down stairs. The braking system also comes in handy when going down a steep hill, so the load doesn’t run away from you.

For added safety the MTK can be laid down on a staircase in a position that ensures it will not fall down the stairs if unattended.

Double handles can lock into three positions to compensate for the load centre of mass. This ensures the operator remains comfortable with no awkward bending of backs. The handle can also be folded flat making the stair robot compact enough for smaller vehicles.

The heart of the hand truck is the powerful electric lifting system with a chain driven crank drive. It is controlled by simple push buttons located on the each of the right handles. A sliding clutch protects the battery stair climber from mechanical overload.

The battery is quick-change and, to guarantee long-term use, can be recharged quickly by a special in transit battery charger.

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Heavy duty steel construction

The MTK, or Mountain Kart stairclimber, is ideally suited for use on indoor and outdoor staircases alike. It is able to effortlessly move loads of up to 310kg up or down stairs, and features a quick-change, fast charging battery, heavy duty pneumatic wheels, multi-position handles, and a unique three-way braking system. The battery can be recharged quickly by a special on-the-go battery charger to guarantee long-term use.

Made from robust tubular steel, and able to move 10 steps per minute for up to 120 steps on a full battery, the MTK stair walker is ideal for industrial stairclimbing.

The MTK stairclimber has been designed to easily navigate any kind of staircase, whether it be indoors or outdoors, straight or spiral. It uses easy to learn intuitive controls, ensuring the operator can quickly get a feel for the balance of the stairclimber whilst in use. The MTK stairclimbers also use a state of the art braking system to allow the operator more control of even the heaviest loads. This braking system ensures that loads stay balanced even on the steepest of inclines.
The MTK also has the capacity to be laid down on a staircase in a position that ensures it will not fall down the stairs during times when the operator needs to step away.

The MTK's double handles can lock into three positions to compensate for the load centre of mass. This protects the user's back by ensuring no unsafe bending or twisting is needed. The MTK is also able to be stored in smaller vehicles, by simply folding away the handle.

The hand truck is powered by a powerful electric lifting system driven by a chain drive. The push buttons on the right of each handle control the lifting system. A sliding clutch prevents mechanical overload.

Benefits and Features of the Mountain Kart stairclimber

  • automatic brake for safe and controlled handling
  • can carry loads of up to 310 kg
  • easy operation; smooth movement; ideal for a wide range of applications
  • effortless, safe and quick up and down almost any steps (even spiral staircases)
  • quick-change battery unit and optional in-transit battery charger for continuous operation
  • sliding clutch for mechanical overload protection
  • steel construction for maximum robustness


With a strong tubular steel frame, the MTK is perfect for industrial job sites such as construction, moving heavy motors, pumps and gearboxes up and down stairs. The edge braking system is less prone to contamination on unfinished concrete stairs.

It can be just as easily operated on polished spiral and curved staircases, and is therefore suitable for commercial kitchens, laundry and white goods.

The three-position folding handle makes it ideal for tall objects like gas cylinders and boilers, as well as heavy equipment with a low centre of gravity such as safes, ATMs, and welding equipment. If the handle is completely folded, it is suitable even for smaller delivery vehicles.

It can handle bulky items such as cases, stoves, safes, and vending machines weighing up to 310 kg. A further automatic brake is fitted as standard to the main wheels to ensure safe and controlled handling of heavy loads.


ModelMTK 190MTK 310B
Descriptionthe classic in steel for loads up to 190 kgthe classic in steel for loads up to 310 kg
Application examplesstoves, safes, boilers, enginesstoves, safes, boilers, engines
Load Capacity190 kg310 kg
Total Weight36 kg40.5 kg
Operates on steep and narrow spiral staircases
Transport up and down stairs
Transport on the level
Autonomy (max.)220 steps (up)120 steps (up)
Climbing speedmax. 18 (steps / min)max. 10 (steps / min)


Extra Battery Charger

Extra Battery Unit

Brake kit for MTK 190

Safety Straps

In Transit Charger

Toe Plates

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