EvacuLife Transit Patient Chair for Patient Transportation

  • Weight: 11 KG
  • Maximum Load: 160 KG
  • Width: 51CM
  • Height: (folded) 106cm
  • Length: (folded) 22cm
  • Height: (deployed) 135 cm
  • Length: (deployed) 88cm

The EvacuLife Transit Chair was created to be the ideal lightweight option for patient movement at sporting venues, festivals, aged care facilities, patient transit and pre-hospital environments.

Being lightweight means it can be quickly deployed, and the comfortable foot and head-end handgrips provide extra comfort and stability.

This chair also features a restraint system on the chest and ankles to ensure the risk of injury in movement is drastically reduced, providing a more stable transit.

Notable Features of the EvacuLife Transit Patient Chair:

  • Assured stability
  • Can be used with our Evacuation Chair Signage & Anti-Theft Alarm
  • Chest and ankle plastic buckle chest restraints
  • Compact size
  • Extra support for shoulders and feet
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Lightweight

The EvacuLife Transit Patient Chair is Suitable For:

  • Aged Care Facilities
  • Festivals
  • Homes and workplaces
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial workplaces
  • Multi level buildings
  • Residential care facilities
  • Schools and universities
  • Sporting Venues


Theft Alarm

Evacuation Sign

Evacuation Sign (Up Arrow)

Evacuation Sign (Right Arrow)

Evacuation Sign (Left Arrow)

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