Buddy Lift

A Hand Truck Stairclimber

An electric stair climbing hand truck for transporting furniture and equipment up and down stairs, the Buddy Lift is a innovative, safe and maneuverable electric trolley with wheels and tracks for all transport needs. The motorized dolly for stairs for this stairclimber is self-loading and has an electric load pick-up making it an ideal trolley for home deliveries.

The Buddy Lift is perfect for transporting heavy furniture, cabinets, sofas, washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, televisions, PCs, home deliveries, packages and boxes of all kinds up to 200 Kg (440 lbs).

Carrying Capacities

  • 150 Kg
  • 200 Kg

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The hand truck stair climber suitable for all types of stairs

The load platform of the BUddy Lift with electric lift allows full rotation of the stair climber in very tight spaces, secures the center of gravity of the load during transport on the stair. This allows easy loading and unloading from the transporter. It is self-loading and has an electric load lifting system up to 24 in.

Safety, handling and speed

Equipped with both tracks and wheels, the Buddy Lift powered stairclimber the operator can choose to use the tracks or the wheels at the push of a button, . The wheels are ideal for moving on level ground, turning on landings, and moving through hallways and doorways.

The Buddy Lift provides maximum load stability when transporting ladders tracks. An electric piston controls the tipping of the tracks and the electric lifting of the load.

This is the hand truck stair climber for heavy loads, up to 440 lbs load capacity! Thanks to the electric piston that drives the tracks, there is no interference between the tracks and the wheels. so you can transport heavy loads of up to 440 lbs without any physical effort.

You can activate the tracks on the stairs and switch back to the faster electric drive of the wheels when you go through a door, corridor or other flat surface - all with the push of a button.

It has never been so easy to move a washing machine upstairs. Washing machine, refrigerator and all other household appliances can be effortlessly transported with the Buddy Lift electric stairclimber.

A self-loading StairClimber with an electric load lifting system of up to 24 in.

While driving, the Buddy Lift modulates the center of gravity of the load by moving it along the structure of the electric lift. This ensures great driving comfort with maximum load stability.

Easily transport furniture up and down stairs

The Buddy is the perfect hand truck for transporting furniture upstairs or downstairs. With a maximum load capacity of 440 lbs, this hand truck stair climber allows a person to carry a sofa, a heavy cabinet or a massive table by himself without physical effort.

Buddy Lift Plasmoid has two transportation modes, making it the ideal stair climber hand truck for all transportation needs. The transport mode with the crawler tracks in multilevel support is the most comfortable and safe for the operator. The weight of the load is completely transferred to the stairs in this case.

This stairclimber is perfect for transporting goods up spiraled stairs thanks to the the step-by-step transport mode. Ii this instance, either the tracks or the wheels are used to turn on the stairs. You can safely transport heavy loads on a spiral staircase thanks to the grip of the caterpillars on the ground - moresothan with conventional stair climbers with wheels.

Buddy Lift is Ideal for home delivery and a very fast powered hand truck for stairs, which can handle about 50 steps per minute.

This extremely versatile electric stairclimbing hand truck is perfect for home deliveries.

The home delivery driver can unload and deliver packages, furniture and appliances from the truck independently, safely and quickly. It is space-saving and can be easily transported in any vehicle.

Transport on stairs with increased safety

Buddy Lift is a powered stair climbing dolly that allows you to transport furniture and household appliances completely self-sufficient and safely, both on the ground and on the stairs.

It was built with two precise goals in mind: to increase safety when transporting goods over stairs and to improve the business productivity in stair transport. A single operator performs the transport autonomously and without physical effort!


ModelBuddy Lift 150Buddy Lift 200
Max Depth150 kg200 kg
Overall width599579
Height of handle above the ground12021202
Support Length348348
Stair climbing trolley weight without battery72Kg72Kg
Battery pack weight11Kg11Kg
Structure adjustable in height19201920
Running speed on stairs47 steps per minute27 steps per minute
Type of battery24V 20Ah Lead gel without memory effect24V 20Ah Lead gel without memory effect
Battery lifeabout 400 stepsabout 400 steps
Landing manoeuvring spaceWith a 60×60 cm load it can turn on a 80×80 cm landingWith a 60×60 cm load it can turn on a 80×80 cm landing
Degree of protectionIP54IP54

Standard equipment

1 automatic battery charger
1 Fixing strap
1 Standard battery pack
1 Standard base
1 automatic battery charger
1 Fixing strap
1 Standard battery pack
1 Standard base


Additional Battery

Fastening Strap

Battery Charger

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