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We offer Australia’s Most Comprehensive Range of Stair Climbing Equipment!

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Welcome to StairQuip, an Australian-owned business that specialises in Stair Climbers and Evacuation chairs with the largest range Australia has to offer.

The StairClimbers and Equipment we offer fall under 4 main categories:

Our range is quite vast and can often be a little daunting if you’re not sure what you’re after.

Feel free to get in touch today if you need any guidance.

More than just Stair Climbers

What we offer is beyond simple hardware, but the expertise of our staff who can help you determine the exact piece of Stair Climbing equipment which is best suited to your specific needs and budget.

Our experience and knowledge comes from over 25 years as an industry leader. As a member of DKM Group, also trading under the ‘Custom Trolleys Australia’ brand, we have seen it all and dealt with difficult and unique situations, knowing exactly what option is best for you.

So, contact us today with any questions you may have!

Finance options are available

We understand that a StairClimber can be a significant upfront investment outlaid upfront.

So we offer finance options where you can rent to buy, and get your Stairclimber doing the heavy lifting sooner!

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Take the next step.

Our team are here and can help you with pricing, questions or any information you need.